Thursday, May 6, 2010

Adobe Updater - How to stop it from running

When you install any new Adobe products such as Acrobat Reader or Photoshop, the Adobe Updater will run by default. It will consume your internet bandwidth trying to download updates that you don’t want.


Who wants to download a huge update for the Adobe Reader if it’s working just fine? If you ask it to stop downloading and cancel all updates, it will run again after the next reboot when you launch an Adobe app.

Here’s how you can completely turn off Adobe Updater:

1. Open any Adobe Products and go to Help > Updates.

2. Wait for it to finish checking for updates.

3. Click Preferences on the next screen.


4. Uncheck Automatically check for Adobe updates and also all applications to update:


5. Click Quit on the next window.


That’s it! You won’t be bothered up Adobe Updater the next time you launch Photoshop or any Adobe applications.

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