Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Apache Server :: How to create a custom 404 page

  1. Create your 404 page not found custom html page
    1. should include acknowledgement that the page doesnt exist
    2. should include a way to get back on track
  2. Upload your 404 page to the server
  3. Configure your server to point to the proper 404 page
    1. Connect to your site via FTP. Do you already have a file named .htaccess? If so, skip to step 3
    2. Create a new file. Name it .htaccess - use that exact name!
    3. Add the following line of text to the file:
      ErrorDocument 404 /404.html
    4. Save the file and upload it to your web site, if you have’t already.

For the record the reason this is important is if your default 404 is shown to a potential site visitor - chances are they simply mistyped something and will now abandon your site rather than continue looking

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