Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Foowebs Workspace Rebuild

Unfortunately I did not grab any before pictures [fail] But here are the afters.

Cable Management with a rain gutter:

  1. Get rain gutter from home depot and get them to cut it into a 3 foot piece (desk is 4 feet but space I wanted to put rain gutter would be more like 3ft)
  2. My desk has a back piece so I used a drill to make 6 holes a proper screw would fit through. Used snippers and screwdriver to rip hole into metal and round it out matching them up to holes in desk.
  3. Push screws through back metal piece and bolt on the back of the desk
  4. Fit cables and ups in rain gutter. Use caution around sharp edges.
  5. I think I need an endcap to keep the metal from bending over time but for now it works.

Bi-level Desk with a shelf and door stoppers:
  1. Screw door stoppers into the bottom side of the shelf
  2. Set this up under your monitors
Day 1

So Day 2
Last night I completed some more steps in my workspace transformation. 
  • I painted the logo on a canvas and hung it on the door to the office. 
  • I put together the cabinet I bought at Ikea friday ($9 down from $70) and hung it, and placed router inside
  • Moved filling cabinet next to desk, added wood piece to raise height to desk
See some pictures after day 2

Day 3
  • set up standing workstation
  • move furniture around to make room for standing workstation

to be continued...

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