Monday, April 25, 2011

Editing vTiger Invoice PDF

Locate in \modules\Invoice directory the file InvoicePDFController.php
comment out the following:
$shippingAddressLabel = getTranslatedString('Shipping Address', $this->moduleName);
$shippingAddressLabel => $this->buildHeaderShippingAddress()

Remove Blurriness of Logo
Take a 149x60 logo, change resolution of 300 and upload as company details in settings
Locate in /vtlib/Vtiger/PDF/inventory the file HeaderViewer.php
See the code below where weve commented out their setting and added our own below
//$pdf->Image($modelColumn0['logo'], $headerFrame->x, $headerFrame->y);
$pdf->Image($modelColumn0['logo'], $headerFrame->x, $headerFrame->y, '', '20');
list($imageWidth, $imageHeight, $imageType, $imageAttr) = getimagesize($modelColumn0['logo']);
//$imageHeightInMM = ceil($imageHeight * 0.2645);
$imageHeightInMM = 20;

Remove Discount Column
Locate in /vtlib/vtiger/pdf/inventory/ file contentviewer.php
around line number 26 comment out discount line, and add width to another column listed

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