Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top 20 Android Apps

  1. Google+ - googles new facebook replacement - good stuff, i think i already sent you an invite but if you need another one let me know
  2. Mint - its an app that manages your money and hooks to all your accounts. i dont handle our finances, bryan does, but he has this and loves it. it allows him to set budgets and categorize spending and get an alert if hes gone over a particular category budget, etc. good stuff.
  3. Kindle App - if you use amazon or have a kindle or even if you don't this is a great ebook reader and if you like to read saves space time and money in acquiring and reading books. if you get this and need some good reads, tell me what type of books you like and ill send you some ;)
  4. Dropbox - this has rocked my world this app. basically you install it on all your computers and your phone and any file you put in the dropbox folder on your desktop will become accessible anywhere you have installed this app. for instance, you have a picture on your computer at work, drop it in the folder and if dropbox is on your phone you can look at it on your phone without having to email it or anything.
  5. Google Voice - this basically puts another phone on your phone... i use this for my business phone (foowebs)
  6. Facebook - in case you still want to contact lame people who havent switched to google+ yet ;)
  7. Angry Birds - costs 99cents but sooo worth it - everyone needs angry birds game LOLOL
  8. Twitter - if you twitter
  9. Gasbuddy - uses your gps to find the closest and cheapest gas prices to you at any given point in time
  10. Shazam - open it when a song is playing and it will listen to the song and tell you the name, artist, album, etc
  11. Adobe Photoshop Express/Picsay - photo editing programs for pictures you take on your droid
  12. Open Table - make a dinner reservation without making a phone call, uses gps to find restaurants around you, check reviews, tap to make a reservation
  13. Klondike Solitaire - old skool
  14. Ringdroid - make ringtones on your phone from sound clips or music on your phone
  15. Movies by Flixter - look up movie times, reviews, trailers
  16. Barcode Scanner - youll start noticing barcodes around you in restaurants, starbucks, subway, stores... if you have a scanner like the barcode scanner you can get more information about things hidden about you
  17. Urban Spoon - can't decide where to go for dinner/lunch? Put in your preferences, spin the wheel and it will pick for you
  18. Goggles - search by taking a picture
  19. Taskos - a way to manage your todo lists
  20. Words Free - a fun scrabble-ish game to play with anyone on iphones/androids/facebook etc

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