Friday, August 5, 2011

TeraCopy :: File Transfer Application for Windows

Recently, I had read an article on LifeHacker about a software called TeraCopy. Lifehacker was listing their top Windows Download recommendations and TeraCopy was a runner up. They mentioned the software could move large amounts of data without crashing like Explorer does sometimes when trying to do the same. Just this week, I have been redesigning the directory structure for files on the server and found that I indeed had explorer crash here and there and that this sounded like a good solution for me. Best yet - its freeware. So I downloaded it.

It was a small program, easy to download, easy to install, didnt use much system resources. The only problem, is that when using it to move files, it crashes more often than explorer. I am running a 64bit 4GB Win7 system connecting via the network to a very powerful 1 month old IBM server with 16GB of ram.... So unless I am the exception... seems to be a useless software other than being able to pause and resume downloads. Just wanted to throw that out there since most of what I read on the net is super positive on this software. I will certainly update back if I find otherwise on another system, though I already uninstalled it because it was also doing quirky things with my files.

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