Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Installing OSX on Dell Dimension 9200 XPS 410

Read all the way through before beginning:

Use Kalaway 10.5.2 to avoid the still waiting for root device error. Choose customize and the following settings:
  • Kernels - kernel_vanilla_922
  • Graphics Drivers - none or Nvidia NATIT_gfnvidia
  • MOBO (all as default)
  • Third apps (all)
  • Patches (leave default - lastnetkassmbios)
  • other patches - USBPCGEN

Given similar hardware you should find yourself with the problem of missing sound and network card at this point. So you should have predownloaded the following kexts and put them on a usb drive or an additional partition on your pc. Then install these kexts using kexthelper and you should be good to go after configuring the devices under system preferences.

Ethernet drivers you should be able to find them by googling "Intel82566MM.Kext lan driver
Audio - pick version 2 from this page

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