Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dual Boot OSX and Windows on your pc

I tried many of the techniques listed around the web but they did not work with Kalyway which was the only osx distro that I could get to work on my pc. So I invented my own workaround, which may be a fairly jimmyrigged backwords way to do things, but for me its the fastest most stable way that I can get my system how I want it.

I unplugged the sata connectors for the hard drives for windows when I installed OSX on my pc on a third hard drive. I needed to unplug both my windows system drive and my data drive to keep them from corrupting during the process if anything went wrong.

After installing on the third drive I went into bios and disabled my osx drive to boot back into windows. This only works if your windows and osx drives are on physically separate disks. Also if you have any other disks formatted for windows you will need to disable them in bios in order to get osx to boot properly. You will see after boot that your disabled drives seem to be available in osx regardless (i am not sure why). But not in windows.

So when I wish to switch to osx I disable in bios my win and data drives, and then when I want to switch back I reenable them and disable my osx drive.

Yes jimmyrigged. Yes a little rough around the edges. But it works EVERY time and I finally have a stable win/osx configuration with no errors on boot. :)

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