Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Contact Plus Pro - Quick Data Entry Bug

When you try to use the quick data entry form to insert a new account there appears to be a bug that will change your data as you type. For instance you type first name, click tab type last name, click tab, and then the first name deletes and is replaced by last name.

Workaround Fix: Instead of clicking tab or enter click the down arrow to go from one field to the next.


  1. Hello Kim,

    My name is Ed Trujillo and I'm the author of Contact Plus Professional. Indeed the bug as you describe it exists in the latest version. I will make sure it gets fixed right away. Fortunately the quick data entry is a bit obscure and not used by everyone. Thanks for catching the error.

  2. 10-4 Ed! We super dig CPP (especially all the video tutorials) and I am now super impressed with your diligence to not just maintain your software but be aggressive in finding issues and solving them.

    Maybe you can help me with a current problem I am having - archive databases have open calls that werent completed and are scheduled for future events. Is there a way to delete the unchecked assignments todos calls etc?

  3. You can mass delete events by clicking on the F4 events screen. From there go to the tab of choice - CALLS perhaps. Select the status of NOT DONE and a future date range and the user ID of choice. Right click and select the DELETE EVENT option. You'll have the ability to delete ALL of the events that match the criteria.

  4. that worked well. how about this - they run that tool to pull in unread emails from Outlook - sometimes they click it twice accidentally and there are some accounts with tons of duplicate emails. is there a tool to run that would clean duplicate emails?

  5. Yes there is the database utilities program which can detect both contact duplicates and event duplicates. Make a backup before running this duplicate checker if you intend on doing a mass delete of the events.

    Version will be soon available on the updates area of the website which will have the quick data entry bug fixed. The tab key now works properly in that version.


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