Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Must Have Open Source (And Otherwise Free) Software

open office - replacement for microsoft office. slightly different interface. able to read mso doctypes

7zip - compress and uncompress files of all types. winzip replacement with more extension possibilities
google chrome - web browser. firefox and ie replacement.
mozilla firefox - web browser. ie replacement
vlc media player - able to open most media types

.web development
filezilla - ftp application to upload files to websites. ws_ftp replacement
notepad+ - html editor. simple code editor. no wysiwyg included. homesite replacement

picasa - image manager. adobe lightroom replacement. great for integration with google photos app
gimp - image editor. adobe photoshop replacement. the next best thing
paint.net - image editor. adobe photoshop replacement. not quite gimp but almost.
inkscape - image editor. adobe illustrator replacement.
handbrake - dvd to video file converter. available now for windows as well as mac
audacity - audio editor. sony vegas replacement. many features and awesome app.

feel free to add your own fave wares in the comments

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