Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photobooth Alternatives for Windows

Lets be honest - a big part of the draw of the mac (aside from the trendiness of that mac culture - <vomit>) is the PhotoBooth software. You know what I mean - the one that takes your face and skews it. In PhotoShop we call that filters, but Photobooth has made a pretty intense saturation of the market with the ease in which people can take and modify pics.

Being the queen of the anti-mac (the only apple product i support is the iphone - and as soon as the android can seriously compete im switching) I decided to look for alternatives for the windows user (you know - most of the world that doesnt want to spend $2,000 for a computer just so i can look like that cool guy from Ed and shes just not that into you and im pretty sure northern exposure).

Here is what I came up with

  1. Seenly - This app is really cool. One of the things I like about it is that its built into the web page. As long as you have a webcam on your computer and installed you go to the page, allow access to your webcame, and click which effect you want to put on the picture of yourself. Once you select your effect and click to snap the photo (after a handy count down) you can save your image, email it, embed it on your webpage, or give out links for people to see the image. This makes things so easy. You don't have to use any complicated software. You don't have to use computer resources or hard drive space. its all in the cloud. How cool is that?
  2. Cameroid - The first problem i saw with cameroid is that it redirected you to other websites to "see if youre human" it gave you the option of playing a game (which required downloading a file for some reason) at a website called gamevance. I don't recommend downloading files from websites you don't trust - so I don't recommend cameroid for that reason. It seems to work similarly to seenly. And if you can find a way around downloading or signing up for surveys - have at it!
  3. Snap - This is a downloadable client. It is free but it limits you to 10 pictures per day unless you pay for an upgrade to the full package. It seems to have more features than the other softwares I have listed above, but may be more aimed at a younger crowd. It works similar to the other apps, by using a webcam to give you live previews and shots with the different filters. These filters are more varied, but again seem to focus on a younger crowd.
  4. Photoboof - This is a downloadable client.It is free but puts a demo label on top of all your pictures unless you buy a full package. There don't seem to be photo effects, like photobooth but it seems to be more set up to be used inside of a photo booth. For instance if you were having a party you could set up a little booth/closet to be a photo booth where this software will automatically take pictures like if you were in a booth at the mall.

Overall my recommendation goes to seenly. If you are just playing around with goofy pictures to share with your friends - it is simple to use, easy to share, and a quick non-intrusive procedure. If you are looking for something more intense I would recommend Adobe Photoshop or its open source (read free) counterpart Gimp.

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