Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Google Instant - Are you a Fan?

So a couple weeks ago Google came out with a new feature for its search engine called instant. Google Instant. Are you a fan? I am not. I turned it off. Thank goodness they gave the ability to turn it off. I think the key of how awesome their search engine is is because it is so simple. I dig new features in other applications they offer, but search - "leave it alone google" - it is amazing because it is simple. It is clean. It pulls up what I am looking for.

When I paint pottery with my friends my hubby (kindly) always reminds me not to go too far. I can make this awesome piece and then everyone else is still working so I decide to do more. And those extra strokes take my piece from "pretty darn awesome" to - "oh did your child make that for you?". Bry always reminds me to quit while I am ahead. I don't want to hear it at the time, but my pieces have gotten better since I met Bryan.

So google - as far as search goes - quit while you are ahead.

Here is why I don't like google instant

  1. it is distracting - when i am typing i dont need to see the results for anything other than what i type. i have become quite an expert on using google as a real tool to find exactly what i need. i dont need things popping up under me making me wonder if google really does know what i am about to type (no they havent gotten that right yet)
  2. it reminds me of those annoying old school pop up advertisements. which immediately turns on my annoyed sonar
  3. it slows down the speed at which google received what i am typing
  4. it slows down the whole process of the search
  5. its not necessary - just let me search. 

I hope they take it back. Or let it be something that you have to select to get. Because everytime I get on a computer I havent logged into Google with I have to go in and disable instant. grr.

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