Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top 10 Must Have IPhone Apps

  1. Shazam - $free - Everyone needs shazam. Its spectacular. Click the shazam button while music is playing (even if its quiet or background music) and it will tell you album, artist, song, and a link to download if you like.
  2. Facebook - $free - if youre on facebook you need it. the latest upgrade got rid of the bugs of the old version and lets you do many of the things we used to not be able to.
  3. Angry Birds - $0.99 - trust me its worth it - dont waste your time on the lite version. you need this game. trust me. they also update the game often and everytime the new update comes out its got a ton of new levels and secrets.
  4. Lose It - $free - I find this the easiest and most versatile calorie counting app. you can customize recipes, foods, exercises and keep track of weight goals.
  5. Twitterific - $free - This is a better app than the regular twitter app because it allows easy switching between accounts and it seems less buggy to me than the regular twitter app.
  6. Bible - $free - this is the best version of the bible I have found as of yet on the iphone app store. Lets you search the bible and even set up regular reading programs.
  7. Ebay Selling App - $free - if you are an ebay seller this is a must have. if you are not this will make you an ebay seller. with a built in auction lister and camera it takes away any excuse to not ebay.
  8. Flights - $1.99 - despite not being much of a flyer I am often picking people up at the airport and this app makes that much smoother. It lets me track my friends plane, updating the landing times and even giving me a visual on where the plane is, its height, and speed.
  9. Netflix - $free - the new netflix app lets you watch movies on your iphone. you will need a good connection to have a movie with no lag but man this is awesome. you need it if you have a netflix account.
  10. Radio - $free - this app lets you listen to any radio station that is on the net by just entering in the stream url. and also to search for listed radio stations. you can also listen in to police scanners if that interests you. Pretty neat app with much more versatility than the competition.

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