Monday, November 1, 2010

Google Analytics - InPage Analytics

Today I was ambling around analytics doing some research on my sites, when I noticed a pretty new shiny button that said "In Page Analytics" with a beta image next to it. So - you know me and new gadgets - I had to touch it.

I got inside and it looked awesome. I could surf my website inside of an iframe and it showed me all kinds of neat information and percentages of clickthroughs. I was thinking this was pretty cool, and then tried to open another tab to surf to my site and make changes based on things I saw.

This is where the proverbial poop hit the proverbial fan. When the page popped up it has an iframe across the top and showed me the analytics information on my page. I thought "oh - this could be handy" and went to click the close button on it so I could focus on what I was doing. Blerp - close redirected me back to analytics site. Ok must have been something I did wrong. Went back to the site. Clicked close. Blerp! Back to analytics. I tried closing and reopening the tabs. Blerp - back to analytics. I logged out of google and back in. Blerp! Back to analytics.

Finally - I decided to clear my cache and cookies, log out and back in. Whoosh - got into my site with no iframe up top. Whew!

So in closing - i recommend holding off on this neat new tool until they work out the kinks. And if you do get into the blerp-circle clear cache and cookies.


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