Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gimp startup too slow for you? Here are 10 Tips to speed it up!

  1. Install Linux and run it there - told to run much smoother there
  2. Install more RAM on your machine
  3. Delete c:\Documents and Settings\\.fonts.cache-1 file - it causes another slow start when Gimp recreated it, then everything is faster.
  4. Uninstall un-needed brushes/fonts/etc
  5. Put gimp in your trusted applications under your virus scanner
  6. Change the short cut to ...gimp.exe -d -s [s does not load the splash screen - d does not load 'data' : font]
  7. Store brushes and such in a user folder rather than the programs folder
  8. Change the cache config option here: Toolbox> / Preferences / Environment / Resource Consumption
  9. Rename the plugins folder
  10. Access the space time continuum and hold it hostage

1 comment:

  1. Running from an SSD, but still slow on fonts, so decided to disable windows font cache service. After that, fast startup.


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