Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fix for Unable to Install KB2417472 on Windows Update

This update is a security patch for SQL Server for Windows XP or Windows Vista. I had tried a zillion different fixes in order to get it installed, and this is what finally did i:

1. Run the FixIt in KB 971187 - How to fix MSI software update registration corruption issues by clicking the link below:
2. Retry the Update.
3. If the Update fails, proceed to Step 4.
4. Download .Net Cleanup Utility from the link below:
Look for (
5. Run Cleanup Tool
6. Restart the computer.
7. Try the Update again and restart the computer (this is where it worked for me but if it doesnt for you then move to step 8)
8. Uninstall .net framework and reinstall the most recent version from windows update /
9. Restart and try again

If these steps hadn't have worked I would have backed up my data and reinstalled sql server 2005.

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