Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guest Blogger - App Review - 9 Innings Baseball by Com2us

I want to thank Mr Awesome, for his guest post today. I hope to post more of his reviews here in the future.

9 Innings Baseball by Com2us
Price-- $0.99 (on sale because of the All Star Game)
My Rating 6 out of 10 Stars

So I am a big baseball fan, and I have been wanting a full 9 innings baseball game with real players, not made up ones. Low and behold here comes 9 Innings baseball, which I got on sale due to the all star game. The first time I played the game I noticed that the players are real but the teams are not. The teams are just the name of the city (Tampa Bay Rays--just Tampa Bay, etc..) with a made up logo. Which was a bit disappointing but the players were all listed with the correct city. Com2us contracted with the Major League Baseball Player Association in order to get the real player listed for this game.

 The game play is easy to learn. To throw the ball as a pitcher you just click on the type of throw you want (fast ball, slider, curve..). Then use your finger to tell it were you want the ball to be thrown. The defense of catching balls that are hit is automated, once the ball is caught by your defense you select where you want the ball to be thrown. Playing offense is just as easy, all you have to do is press on the screen when you want to swing, when you get a hit you can keep the player running the bases (going to 2nd base, third, and home) by selecting the next base.

The things I don't like are you cannot change your starting lineup. You can replace players (such as the pitcher when he is getting tired, or a hitter if he is not hitting well.) but that's it. I would enjoy switching players who start some times if a guy that does not start is a good player but that's a minor complaint.

Over all this is a fun game for baseball fans and I recommend it.

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