Monday, August 1, 2011

Contact Plus Pro :: Connecting CPPRO to Outlook 2010 64bit

We are running CPPRO on a Windows 7 64bit system. We found that the 32bit connector for Office 2010 64bit does not play nicely with Contact Plus Pro We have the option of paying a small fortune for the support package which will let us update, though the notes for the newer versions do not mention any changes made to accommodate for Outlook 2010 64bit.

For the meantime we found this workaround:

Downgrade Outlook 2010 64bit to Outlook 2010 32bit.

Until the 32 bit plugin adapters are working better or we decide to lay out the money for an upgraded version of CPPRO, this is the only option. (A shame considering how nicely 64bit Outlook handles large amounts of email files).

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