Friday, September 23, 2011

Dell Laptop Function Keys - Switching default

I have a tendency to be annoyed by tiny things that effect efficiency. However, sometimes I have a tendency to ignore an easy fix in favor of bigger problems. One of these such things is on my Dell XPS laptop that I bought earlier this year. Since I bought it I have been annoyed that the function keys default to multimedia settings and I have to click the Fn button to access the f keys. As a keyboard-heavy user this drives me nuts. I am constantly using fkey shortcuts, such as f2 to rename files or directories. Unfortunately everytime I try to rename a file on my Dell XPS I end up cutting off my wireless connection. You can understand why this has been frustrating. Here is a fix that I finally got around to implementing:

  • Reboot your computer
  • Hit F2 at boot to bring you into setup
  • Under the advances screen locate Keyboard Function settings down the page, and select function behavior instead of multimedia behavior
  • save and exit

man i sure do wish i looked for the fix months ago. :)

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